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“Cultural Sensitivity in Service & Civic Engagement”

SERVE Philly VISTA Orientation (July 2019)

  “I left today very motivated to do my best at bringing everyone’s whole personhood into any space that I am occupying.”

                                                                                                                                      – Anonymous

“Today I learned what cultural sensitivity is and how to understand different people.”

                                                                                                                                        – Anonymous

“Today was very informative, the presentations were enlightening and I feel I can take these lessons with me in the workplace.”

                                                                                                                                        – Anonymous

“Cultural Sensitivity in Service & Civic Engagement”

AmeriCorps Week (March 2019)

“Thank you for breaking down the barriers that exist within society, this subject matter is critical to impart in order to build resilient, equitable, and sustainable communities.”

– Anonymous

“Great topic, I wish we could have gone deeper but it’s a limited time and in AmeriCorps the age range, level of education and level/ variety of experience is very broad, so it was very well tailored to a general audience.”


“Decision Making: Steps for Success”

Teen Reading Lounge (March 2016)

Free Library of Philadelphia, Greater Olney Branch

“My favorite part of book club today was talking to Ms. Porsche about decision making and hearing about her life as an entrepreneur. I liked when we discussed examples of everyday decisions and major life decisions.”

– Jasmin

“My favorite part of the session today talking about making decisions. It let me get out my feelings and also make decisions and learn from it.”


“Porsche engaged our youth and lead them into introspective discussion about the decision making process. Days after the presentation the teens were heard in the library teaching their friends about the steps of decision making process and how to make the best choices possible. We would definitely invite Porsche to present to teens in the future!”

– Ms. Mason, Coordinator


Feedback from workshops…

“Porsche did a tremendous job with coaching me! I learned so much about myself; my strengths and weaknesses. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is trying to become an entrepreneur.”


Jonathan Jackson


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